How to book with us

Booking a class:

For timetable and bookings, please click on 'Book A Class' in the main menu. Simply register your email address to see the full schedule and to get yourself booked in!! You can also read our class descriptions. Bookings can be made 5 days in advance. PLEASE make sure you cancel yourself off a class if you are unable to attend ** If a class is full, you can add yourself to the waitlist and if someone cancels you will receive an email offering you a spot. We have a pay-as-you-go option which is £6 per class or you can join our monthly membership for £40 per month.
** Please note: we operate a 4 hour cancellation policy. This means if you cancel off your class within 4 hours before the class starts, the £6 class fee will still be charged, this also applies to class ‘no shows.’
Any questions or problems with your booking, please give us a shout!


Booking a course: 

For all courses, please click on ‘Shop Courses’ in the main menu.