Courses -  🔥 February KettleBelle Course 🔥
Courses -  🔥 February KettleBelle Course 🔥

Courses - 🔥 February KettleBelle Course 🔥

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Come back for our fabulous 6 week Kettlebelle Course that’s forever popular.

We have a team of amazing instructors ready to take you through 6 weeks of programming for fitness and inch loss. All abilities are welcome 

Kettlebelles is an all in one Total Body Conditioning Tool

It will improve your core strength, stability, balance and coordination 

Its a well known serious fat burner, its a non-impact cardio workout which utilises strength and conditioning to build a stronger, leaner, fitter you.

Our 6 week courses are great for beginners but also our current course members who are continuing their KettleBelle Journey with us.

Your Evening Options and Instructors:

Mondays 8pm with Eli 

Thursday 8pm with Jamie 


Cost Studio Course £35.00


The courses begin

Mondays 8pm 21st February 

Thursdays 17th February 

Spaces available 12